The start or is it the end?


As many people have said on similar blogs this something I’ve wanted to do for many years.

Up until now i either have not had the time,place or money to build a car but now I am fast approaching 50  and have been living in Thailand now for 6 years, as a  Englishman here in Thailand and with my work I do here I have too much free time so instead of drinking beer in the sunshine all the time (trust me it gets boring after a while) I decided to get of my arse  and build a car.

So the quest began by searching for available kit cars in Thailand search came up with Zero or import (at approx 200% import duty that ain’t gonna happen ) then I stumbled across the Haynes Build your own roadster on a budget book mmmmm me thinks I duly ordered said book and got hooked.

After a chat with my wife she thinks its a good idea for the old man too have something to do other than surf the net and drink beer.

Before I go any further let me give you a little back ground info on yours truly:

I am a fully qualified motor engineer (not a fitter ,back in those days you had to learn how to make and repair parts) after many years in the trade I decided I didn’t like getting covered in muck every day and urn sod all. So I changed in to garage management then  factory management as well as a host of other professions as the various UK recessions came and went. I was married in the UK but things didn’t work out. and about 7 years ago I came to Thailand for 10 day holiday found I could get a license to Teach and when i went home I thought about the prospect of living in a nice hot country .

I returned to work and at that time they were asking for voluntary redundancies mmmm money so my mind was made up TAKE THE MONEY and run for the Sun which I duly did and after 3 months got a job in a good school near Bangkok then met my wife whilst out shopping one day .she is an accountant at a local factory the rest is history as they say.

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